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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch: Veggie BBQ at Jo's Coffee (Austin, TX)

I was in Austin, TX this past week for SXSW and couldn't wait to try the food that the city's most well-known for: BBQ.  But, since I'm a veggie, I really can't eat much beyond the sides. Fortunately, we found this place called Jo's Coffee on 2nd street that had the most delicious Veggie BBQ sandwich, that I swear tasted like the real deal! It had a tangy bbq sauce with a little kick of spice.  The Veggie BBQ sandwich was made just like the Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich which came with BBQ sauce, red onion and cabbage slaw on a sweet bun, except made with a wheat (non-meat) roast.  I think it was made with Seitan which is a gluten of wheat that's chewy and almost looks like meat.  (When slathered in BBQ sauce, you can hardly tell it's not meat) The bread was sweet and almost tasted like Hawaiian bread.  (Side note: Austin has some of the best bread!! Everywhere I went had amazing bread so don't live here if you follow a low-carb diet!)

Anyhow, I was thrilled to find that Jo's Coffee had some veggie options so I didn't feel left out of the fun, or just loaded up on mac n cheese for a week! 

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